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In most DWI cases, we can arrange for a flat fee. Flat fees amounts are determined based on the following:

  • What court your DWI was issued through
  • Whether you have any prior DWI, alcohol, or drug charges
  • Whether there was an accident involved
  • Whether you are a CDL driver
  • Whether you have other special circumstances that potentially complicate the process (such as being a minor, having special immigration requirements, or help with reporting/avoiding reporting to a professional board of some sort)
  • Whether you require an administrative hearing (blew over the limit) or a Petition for Review* (refused chemical testing) for your license case
*If you require a Petition for Review there will be an additional filing fee as is determined by the court in the county where your arrest occurred.

Our flat fee pricing for First Time DWIs hiring too late for their license case starts at $1995. The flat fee includes representation through a plea or bench trial. If you choose to pursue a jury trial, there will be an additional fee. The vast majority of DWI cases end in pleas.



There are times when the evidence in your case may have certain gaps that could prove beneficial if we tried to fill them. There are also times when you may wish to pursue appeals of decisions. These are the types of things that may require the payment of additional fees. None of these things will be undertaken without your prior consent.

  • Subpoena service fees
  • Court reporter fees (if needed for a deposition or administrative hearing)
  • Expert Witness Fees
  • Filing fees for any appeal or trial de novo
  • Additional attorney fee for appeal or trial de novo
  • Additional attorney fee if you choose to pursue a jury trial
All of these fees except the additional attorney fee are set by outside companies. We will collect the fees, pay those companies on your behalf, and provide copies of the invoices to you.
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